it’s okay, it’s literary practice

what chanhun does backstage…

how to take a selca - hunhan style

Harper’s Bazaar August 2014

when jongin sees confetti

layhan moments at meilishuo fansign event


layhan’s happiness ♥  requested by Jenny (^з^)-☆



luhan is a grown man he aint got no business looking like this


hes half 50


a little gift to my beloved galaxies and Exo, to make you all feel better during the times when our shining stars in our galaxy are sucked in by a blackhole

Jongin doing  the “heart-beating” move and gets shy afterwards.

that dimple

"Whenever I’m feeling tired or having troubles, there is always that one person who stayed by my side, encouraged me while holding my hand saying "everything’s gonna be okay, Tao-ah". After hearing that every hardship seems to disappear… Thank you, umma~"

Tao’s message to Suho (Weibo 131226)~

Baekhyun demonstrating his power to Chanyeol’s roommates

If baekhyun can park chanyeol, jongin can do kyungsoo, luhan will be moaning oh sehun —Luhanistry (via hun-forever-han)

Jongin invading Kyungsoo’s personal space just to whisper in his ear ♡

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